Hi Debbie - great work/ discussion!

The so-called 'National Security threat' (in the U.S. and elsewhere) was reported in the mainstream media in early 2020:

"The National Security Council sounded early alarms about the coronavirus" - WaPo 30 March 2020 by Josh Rogin


Note that Trump was the Commander in Chief of OWS : a mass-vaccination 'mission'.

The plandemic outcome was of course pre-determined - even before it was officially declared by the WHO (in cahoots with CEPI et al). The spark that lit the fuse? The 'bioterrorism'/ national security fakery that followed the early 'lab leak accidentally-on-purpose by China' theatre.

This triggered the pretext for a U.S-led lockstep "biodefense" swindle including pre-planned "Rapid Response Partnerships" for "Whole of Government" responses with medical countermeasures - from PCR diagnostics to EUA 'vaccines'. This was DARPA's pre-Covid "P3" Pandemic Prevention Platform program: '60 Days to Stop a Pandemic' - from sequencing a virus to deploying nucleic acid technologies (well-covered by Peter McCullough - see links). And lockdowns and other "NPIs" (nb. R Hatchett) were to bridge the gap to mass-'vaccination'.

Trump backed the P3 "vaccine solution" as the path to "reopen the economy" and "liberate" citizens from restrictions.

A few posts/ links on the U.S. Defense Op (and other Five Eyes nations)...

JPEO-CBRN Defense - 2 minute video - 2019 - "Medical Rapid Response" to 'outbreak':


CBRN Defense Cooperative Program for MCMs - USA-UK-Aus-Can - Biodefense racket/ rort:


DARPA P3 Program to "Stop a Pandemic in 60 Days" with gene-based MCMs:


Uni course in 'bioterrorism' (Aus-UK-USA) including studies on 'insider threat':


Review - U.S. DoD's War on Disease and 'Disinformation':


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Thanks so much DemocracyManifest! It would be helpful to know that there are actual individual people behind your Substack. There are many propaganda sites that use a generic name for a group of writers, but no individual writers are identified. Not saying anything about you specificially - just that I get suspicious right away if there's no one behind the "motley crew" taking responsibility for the posts.

Regardless of my trust/paranoia issues - I will spend more time reading all your posts. The 2014 DoD disinformation activities are particularly interesting. The "five eyes" have all kinds of CBRN and "anti-terrorism" agreements that I'm pretty sure played a big role in coordinating the vax development/pandemic response.

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Debbie... don't trust - verify! All links are publicly available and verifiable - and shareable. And free-for-all. The information can be judged on its merits - rather than ours! (We're very motley: a ragtag bunch with no experience in research or writing.)

PS. Yes, the "Five Eyes" - up to no good.

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Do you have a pdf of that WaPo article? I’m maxed out on subscriptions

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Hmm... no subscription but full WaPo article visible on phone but not laptop!

Try that -- if it doesn't work can send copy.

Opening and 12th paragraphs:

"The covid-19 pandemic is first and foremost a public health crisis — but it is also a massive national security challenge. That aspect of the crisis is being managed by a leaner, quieter National Security Council staff that sounded early alarms about the danger — even as others played down the threat."

"In fact, when the coronavirus crisis was still building, O’Brien called Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and asked him to immediately detail a top State Department health official to the NSC to help with the coronavirus. That official, Deborah Birx, was later assigned to Pence and named the White House coronavirus response coordinator."

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"Lockdowns were counterterrorism"... but the terrorists are us (or at least the U.S. government). That's what's so strange to me about the whole Covid crisis -- it's a circle -- cause the problem, profitably treat the problem, repeat. It's such a preposterous plan that I can't believe they are getting away with it. And yet.

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Yes! And it's also why most people cannot for the life of them wrap their mind around it. enter: us :)

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I just read this and your January 18th piece in Brownstone. Could you help me clarify a point. Is it your opinion that whichever persons in the military-intelligence-industrial complex set this "counterterrorism" response in motion, did not actually think there was a "bioweapon" danger, and just told pharma what it needed to tell them to have an excuse to launch an exercise? Or is it your opinion, those who launched this actually calculated a genuine potential problem?

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That is a question I think about all the time.

At first I believed they freaked out over the lab leak when it actually occurred (in September-October 2019 or maybe earlier - again I don’t know for sure) and then everyone hopped on the vaccine money train, which requires massive panic and lockdowns to ensure compliance.

But the more evidence comes out of all the prior plans and schemes of the biowarfare crowd (RFK Jr’s new book has excellent info on that) the more it looks like either:

A) pure opportunism- a random lab leak occurred (of which there have been hundreds) and they decided this one would be Disease X - probably because they were impatient to move forward with what they believed to be a miraculous mRNA platform (which we all know is a complete disaster). HUBRIS AND GREED are the main motivators here.

B) They released it on purpose- with the same consequences and the same motivations, just no initial panic.

Right now I think there were some who thought it might actually be a dangerous virus and some who knew it wasn’t- but ultimately it doesn’t matter because NONE OF THEM cared one tiny bit about the health or welfare of the the world’s population.

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Thank you very much for your articles and those thoughts.

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